Ep 5. How to Self Lace a Corset

After the last three episodes of Sewing Vintage chronicled my 30 hour journey sewing a custom fitted corset, it is perhaps unsurprising that I’ve been asked how to wear one. In this episode I demonstrate how to properly put on an underbust corset and take it off by using the common ‘rabbit ears’ (or ‘bunny ears’) self lacing technique.

Check out episodes 2, 3 and 4 to learn about proper corset fit, how corsets help me manage scoliosis back pain, and how to make your own.

For more on corsetry, corset myths and my journey, read my blog Wisdom, Autonomy and Corsets: http://victorylamour.com/wisdom-autonomy-and-corsets/

We’ll be returning to more sewing related fare next week…