Corset Training | Waist Training | Weight Loss and a Thin Physique
“How To Get Fit for Life” program is 3 week meal, workout, and journaling plan that teaches you exactly how to get fit and stay fit for your entire life. What tweaks to make, how to create your own meal and workout plans, and how to live a healthier life, for life.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve noticed a lot of the same questions in the comments, so here’s some general answers for you guys! Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more big questions you would like me to include in this section.

Link to the exact corset I have?
I purchased this years ago, for personal use with no thoughts of creating a video on it. Before I did the video I tried to find the exact same one but couldn’t. There are MANY similar ones, which is why I gave you a detailed description of how to find the corset that is best for YOU. If you follow the guidelines you will find a corset that will fit you well and do the job, and one you like (maybe you want a pink one, I know I did lol but I settled for black).

Long? Regular?
I am 5’2″, my corset is regular. Long is for 5’6″ and taller I BELIEVE (not 100% sure)

Can you sleep with the corset on?
Yes, you technically can, and people do it. I don’t do it and wouldn’t personally recommend it.

Can you workout with the corset on?
No. There are special waist trainers to wear during workouts. A steel boned corset is not one of them.

When can you begin corset training?
There is no specific age where you can start corset training. Use your judgement. Honestly, I personally wouldn’t start any younger than my 20s. Remember your body is still growing and changing, you want that to allow to happen naturally. Maybe you will grow into a perfect hourglass shaped figure in your teens and will be perfectly happy with your body shape! Give mother nature a chance to work her magic on you before you attempt to tweek anything.

Weight Loss?
This is not a diet or a weight loss plan. Using a corset for waist training is exactly that – training your waist into a new shape. You still need to live a healthy and active lifestyle to lose any weight. This is not a miracle solution. It will however help you feel full faster which may help with portion size but don’t do this alone with plans of losing weight.

Side Note:
You are all AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL exactly! how! you! are!! As females we are so over-critical of ourselves and are always trying to tweek or improve. That’s great! BUT! remember that you’re beautiful and perfect exactly the way you are now, and any small “improvements” should only be because they make YOU Feel Better, not because you need to change anything, and DEFINITELY not for anyone else. I love all of you so much, just for taking the time to watch my vids. While I understand, and am a victim of the pressures of wanting to fit a “perfect” image, I love you the way you are, right now.

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