Amazon Waist Trainer Review| Snatch Your Waist While Alleviating Back Pain!!

Hey Beauties!

Today we are checking out this hook and zip waist trainer that I purchased from Amazon!

PSA: This video is not sponsored, I purchased the trainer myself- this is an honest non-bias review. I am not a doctor or nutritionist so please Inform your doctor and make decisions suitable for you.

I have tried many, but this one is definitely amongst the greats as it does a phenomenal job of cinching me in at my waist, covering my entire lower stomach and alleviating my back pain.

FYI: You can also enjoy this video in HD… it’s all about the experience tbh.

Waist Trainer Size: XL
Price: $26.99

My Stats
Height: 5″4
Weight: 212 lbs
Waist: 38.5

Find the waist trainer here

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