Aliexpress vs. Handmade corset| Waist Training tips| 23″ waist training journey

Sorry for the very unprofessional video but the main goal here was to let you guys see key differences between a corset I got from aliexpress and a handmade corset. The corset from aliexpress is a mass-manufactured low-quality corset that did not provide the waist-reduction I was looking for. After doing some research, I found a small corset company in Poland that designs and produces everything themselves. This aspect of everything being done in-house was important to me because of the high-quality associated with it. I also chose this company because it had the lowest price out of all the high-quality corset companies. So far I am pretty satisfied with the new corset and I have no current intention of buying another one. In some months I will give you guys an update on how its held up 🙂

Aliexpress corset -

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